Too much to do? Outsource your life

By Gillian Shaw Vancouver Sun –

Judith Rowley, left, of Urban Rush Concierge helps organize Vancouver Real Housewife Mary Zilba’s life. Rowley also helps out Zilba’s son Cole Anderson, 18, and the rest of the family.

“It’s fantastic for somebody on the run, especially a mom or somebody who needs extra help but doesn’t need to have a full time assistant, somebody you can call in a pinch,” said Mary Zilba, a star of Real Housewives of Vancouver, who keeps her own home life organized with the help of Judith Rowley of Urban Rush Concierge

“She does a lot of errands, picking things up for me. She has picked up my kids at school on occasion, she helps organize the house, she took my boys out to get school supplies, she gets pictures framed and she even helped me with a charity event for tuberous sclerosis that I had three weeks to basically plan – she did everything, it was a ton of work,” said Zilba, who has a son with tuberous sclerosis.

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